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Access & Reservations

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Accessing the Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center

New Users

New user access requests are managed through the Sarafan ChEM-H Knowledge Centers iLab site. Stanford users please login with your SUnet ID, go to the Request Services tab, and initiate a "Macromolecular Structure KC (MSKC) New User Access/Training Request ".

ChEM-H Knowledge Centers iLab site

Calendar Reservations

Sarafan ChEM-H Knowledge Centers use iLab for resource and in-lab reservations.

ChEM-H Knowledge Centers iLab site

Equipment Rates

Fees associated with the use of the MSKC facilities are to recover costs, most notably service contracts.

You can check MSKC fees by clicking on the link below. Any question regarding our fees, please contact the MSKC staff.

MSKC Rates

Commercial User Access

The MSKC provides instrumentation, support facilities, and technical assistance for research and education-related activities. As part of its mission of education, research and public service, the MSKC may provide services to third parties.

We are interested in establishing links with our industrial colleagues.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact the MSKC staff for more information.

Commercial users will incur indirect costs (IDC). IDC's allow Stanford University to recover certain expenses not covered through user fees.

Commercial users are required to complete the Commercial Service Agreement and/or Commercial User Agreement below.