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Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center

Sarafan ChEM-H Knowledge Centers

Incubators full of cells churning out molecules. Pumps pushing solutions through micrometer sieves to high purity. Stacks of lab dishes with crystals slowly growing in. This is how you start using the world's most advanced instrumentation at Stanford (cEMc) and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SSRL, S2C2, and LCLS) to understand the way nature and technology work at the scale of the atom.

An adventure in research: At the Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (MSKC) you find the instrumentation and expert guidance to help you getting started.

MSKC's aim is to serve as a training ground for the future generations of researchers. Our model is hybrid - we are a service center and a teaching lab focusing on molecular structural-functional studies. We encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research providing expertise and instrumentation in one spot for the production of high-quality samples for different downstream applications.