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User Access Forms and Rates

COVID-19 UPDATE: Access requests to the Knowledge Center / MSKC have been gradually approved. The initial focus has been on established and experienced users who are able to operate in the lab independently. Specific guidelines and policies are in place for safety and social distancing. Orientation and training for new users needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Important points for access request review:

Important Stanford points:

  • You must be listed as an essential personnel in the Stanford On-site Role Management System.

  • You must have completed the required EHS-2470-WEB COVID-19 safety training course. COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices EHS-2470-WEB

  • You must be familiar with the required reporting that must be completed everyday before coming to Stanford.

Important ChEM-H / Knowledge Center / MSKC items:

  • You must review the ChEM-H/Neuro Research Complex Essential Research Policies and complete the acknowledgement at the bottom (select your PI if you are an occupant of the building; select "MSKC" if you are from outside the building):

  • You must review and agree to the Stanford ChEM-H Knowledge Center COVID19 SOP:

  • You must have completed the required training courses (EHS-1500, EHS-1900, EHS-2200, EHS-3400, EHS-4200, and SHP-2000 [or equivalent]).

  • You must review and agree to the Knowledge Center access policies (download below).

  • You must have a completed copy of the Knowledge Center / MSKC form on file (download below).

  • You must book time present IN the Knowledge Center on the shared access calendar (account to be created when access is approved).

  • You must provide your cell phone number for emergency contact purposes.

Information needed to help us review your request: The more specific information that can be provided, the better, because it is very hard for us to consider open-ended / non-specific requests.

  • Summary of approved project:

  • Knowledge Center / MSKC resources needed: e.g. FPLC

  • Who Would be the Essential Personnel to Perform this Work:

  • Proposed Minimally Necessary Access Schedule: Describe how often you would need to access the resource, and what you are doing during these times. Whether you need continuous time in the lab, or whether the time would be broken down to smaller activities that require brief periods in the lab, followed by time away from the lab, followed by a return to perform another task, etc. E.g. I will need to use the FPLC approximately #-# times per week for ## hours with #-# injections/elutions per time. Each time would require # min/hr setup and injection time in the lab, followed by # hours away from the lab while the gradient program runs, followed by # min/hr in lab to retrieve the fractions and start the next injection, # hours away from lab, and # min/hr at the end to cleanup. [Please be specific about the timing because you will need to accurately schedule your time IN the Knowledge Center to prevent overlap with other approved users. Knowledge Center access is not on a walk-in basis as before.]

  • Proposed Work: If there are more details to be provided than what has been provided already above.

  • Onsite Support Needs: Please describe what onsite support you need, if any, for the requested resources.. E.g. "I am fully trained and self-sufficient to work on the FPLC. I am very comfortable with no onsite support.” Or “I am comfortable using the requested resources, but do require occasional assistance such as....” Etc…

1) Knowledge Center New User Access

New user access requests are managed through the ChEM-H Knowledge Centers iLab site. Stanford users please login with your SUnet ID, go to the Request Services tab, and initiate a "Macromolecular Structure KC (MSKC) New User Access/Training Request ".

2) Lab and Building Access

  • Building and Knowledge Center lab access will be requested to be added to your Stanford ID card only after access requirements are met and reviewed.
  • Important Note: The new card readers require updated ID cards.  Please visit the ID Card Swap page for more information.
  • New MSKC users are required to meet with MSKC staff for lab orientation and to discuss their projects and MSKC needs.

3) Lab Scheduling Calendar

ChEM-H Knowledge Centers is now using iLab for resource and in-lab reservations.

MSKC Rates

  • Fees associated with the use of the MSKC facilities are to recover costs, most notably service contracts.
  • You can check MSKC fees by clicking on the link below. Any question regarding our fees, please contact the MSKC Staff.

Commercial User Access

  • The MSKC provides instrumentation, support facilities, and technical assistance for research and education-related activities. As part of its mission of education, research and public service, the MSKC may provide services to third parties.
  • We are interested in establishing links with our industrial colleagues.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact the MSKC staff for more information.
  • Commercial users will incur indirect costs (IDC). IDC's allow Stanford University to recover certain expenses not covered through user fees.
  • Commercial users are required to complete the Commercial Service Agreement and/or Commercial User Agreement below.

Current Reservations

Currently not in use.